Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Lantern Making Workshop during culture day weekend

DATE: October 1st 2016
TIME: 12pm - 5pm
LOCATION: Saskatchewan Science Centre

Das Schulhaus, the Prairie Puppet Underground, the Saskatchewan
Science Centre and New Dance Horizons are excited to be partnering to present an exciting
weekend of family friendly, interactive lantern making and procession puppet workshops
during Culture Days 2016 as a part of The Caligari Project, which will culminate in a traditional
German lantern walk in Wascana Park on Saturday, November 5th, 2016.

The hub partners invite you to participate in two days of German Expressionist themed,
interactive workshops for all ages and abilities focused on the creation on several different
types of lanterns, procession puppets, movement, dance and costuming at the Saskatchewan

Science Centre.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

important dates


First day of classes: 
(class start days differ, as Campbell Collegiate is not always available for us)

Wednesday Adult 4 and Conversation: September 14th.

Thursday Adult 1 and Adult 2: September 22nd

Thursday CHILDREN:  September 8th MEET &GREET your teacher, September 15th place St.Mary's Anglican Church, corner of 15th Ave and Montague. September 22nd first regular class at Campbell Collegiate.

Wir freuen uns!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Please mark your calendar for our upcoming Registration Night:

SEPTEMBER 8th 2016 at 6pm @Campbell Collegiate north entrance

VORSCHULE (age 3,5-7):
A fun and engaging learning environment suited to our youngest students. Songs, games, crafts and stories interspersed with educational activities make learning German pure child’s play
GRUNDSCHULE (age 7-10):   and        
MITTELSTUFE (age 11-16):
Reading and writing in German as well as further development of oral language skills using age-appropriate materials

Grundschule Native Speaker: (grade 2-8):  students understand German effortless and follow a adapted curriculum with the teaching material TINTO / Cornelsen

                                                                                                                                                                                            $ 325 per year

Classes for Adults:   ThURS 6pm-8pm or WED 7pm-9pm
ADULT 1 / Beginner: a fresh start into German language learning
ADULT 2 / level A1.1: after 60 hours of instruction and continue working on their basics
ADULT 4 / A1.2: the class had already 180 h of instruction and is working towards the next level

ADULT CONVERSATION:  this class is for the advanced speaker of German, we focus on fluency and expand vocabulary using interesting topics
for this class DROP INS are available ($20)
                                                                                                                                 $ 340 per year (60h)                       
                                                                                                               $ 225 per semester (30h)


Deutsches Sprachdiplom DSD proficiency exam: 
The German Language diploma of differejt skill levels A, A2, DSD1 and DSDII. 
We offer a preparation class to prepare students for the A2 or DSD1exam. TIME TBA

        $ 120 per semester 


Thursday, May 26, 2016


Thursday, May 26th

Once again we are inviting you to the open classroom where students showcase a theme they have learned and studied during the school year.
This is also the last day of class for this school -year.

The projects you see are especially made during our annual project days. Every year Das Schulhaus decides on a topic related to the German Language. Teachers explore that topic with their students in the classroom. Students get the opportunity to work through that topic in various ways for one or two evenings as a school.

This year’s project day topic is:


We will offer a relief printmaking workshop for all ages organized jointly with Articulate Ink (www.articulateink.ca) and the Calgari Project (www.caligari.ca).

Please bring an extra paint shirt that day.

We are inviting all of you and your families and friends. Why don’t you bring your child’s best friend? Make arrangements and let your child be a proud presenter of what they achieved the last year.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Das Schulhaus' letter to the Ministry of Education

As the provincial government eliminates its support for heritage language learning after 25 years, we would like to share the content of the letter to the Ministry of Education DAS SCHULHAUS wrote:

Das Schulhaus - Regina German Language School Inc. was founded in 2011 continuing the 60 year legacy of German instruction in Regina.  It is run by dedicated volunteers, parents and educators who spend countless hours giving their time and energy to ensure that the German culture and language is shared with students both young and old.

We, the Board of Directors, find the withdrawal of funding for all heritage language schools in Saskatchewan deeply disappointing.  These language schools continue to grow in diversity as the immigrant and refugee population expands in Saskatchewan.  It is of vital importance that both newly arrived newcomers as well as first and second generation immigrants can have access to their language of origin.  This builds a bridge between cultures, roots people to their new country and provides a sense of community to those seeking a new life in a foreign land.  At a time where the focus of the federal government is to welcome newcomers to Canada, the striking of funding is counterproductive and sends a message that culture/language is not important to maintain in Saskatchewan.

The heritage language schools, whether they be large or small in status, are affected equally by funding.  The funding given is minimal at best but is still valued by the schools and fundamentally supports a person's right to equal access to their language of origin.  As a country that prides itself on multiculturalism, striking such funding would be counter intuitive.  Heritage language schools have the ability to offer credit classes to high school students and as such provide a valuable service to the school boards in their diversity of languages.  These languages may open doors of opportunities they might not otherwise have and connect them to the greater world.

The funding is invaluable to the heritage language schools.  The government may not see tangible results from it but be assured they are there.  They are found in the future generations of this land that have a deeper understanding of culture, value diversity, and should they go off into the world come back to invest in the land they call home bringing new ideas and skills with them.

We ask you to reconsider the loss of funding for the heritage language schools in Saskatchewan. Let Saskatchewan be a leader to the other provinces and pride itself on investing in multicultural education.